Тайский Deluxe массаж ног

A Thai version of something everyone loves.

This is a extended version of a normal foot massage.


Lying down the masseuse is not only using her hands but is actually using her full body to give you the ultimate foot massage experience

As well as massaging the foot and lower leg. firm but gentle pressure is applied to sen points on the feet suing both hands and a special rod to stimulate the proper functioning of the organs.

This is a healing massage but it still feels great and you  feel relaxed


Salon Riga-Latvia (Temporary Closed for Renovation)

60 мин : 45 Евро                      
90 мин : 60 Евро                                

массаж в 4 руки (2 массажистки одновременно)

60 мин : 80 Евро                      
90 мин : 110 Евро



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